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Eight Advantages of Waterside Living

16 Oct 2018 # #

Where we live can impact on our lives in many ways; it can affect our health, well-being, lifestyle and even our personality. We want to feel safe and secure and live in a property and environment that we long to return to and call home. For some it can be the lights and ‘never sleep’ vibe of city centre living, for others it is all about balance, and one place you can find balance is by the water. So, what attracts people to waterside living?

1. Health

Do you want to boost your immune system? Scientists have discovered that one of the easiest ways to do this is to take a stroll and be around nature, whether that’s a walk in the park at lunchtime, or an evening stroll by the waterfront. Taking the time to enjoy nature in this way has been shown to lead to “lower concentration of cortisol, lower pulse level and lower blood pressure”.

2. Well-being

As well as lowering your blood pressure, waterscapes can also have a positive effect on your feeling of well-being. Studies have shown that when we are near water our mind enters into a mild meditative state, described by I. Nicolas as ‘Blue Mind’. This is because when you are close to water the brain is flooded with feel-good hormones causing stress levels to reduce.

3. Nature

Standing beside the Peel inlet, you are surrounded by a wealth of nature. Take in the Len Howard Conservation Reserve, an abundance of birdlife, Mandurah Quay Marina, dolphins, fresh sea air and all of nature’s beauty.

4. Investment

One of the hottest trends in the property market over recent years has to be waterside living. Downsizers and investors have been keen to snap up a piece of waterside living in The Retreat, thanks to a number of impressive attractions and perks that come with the area.

5. Lifestyle

Mandurah Quay and the Mandurah precinct is an incredibly vibrant area and there is always something happening and things to do, no matter what mood you may be in. With an array of events featuring food, music and theatre year round – it’s a great place to call home. It’s not just annual events that will keep you entertained though; around every corner there are amazing attractions, delicious restaurants and incredible experiences to enhance your lifestyle every day of the week.

6. Property

There has been an extensive investment in luxury new build homes in The Retreat, Mandurah Quay and alongside these stunning homes are a stunning range of properties options available for those of all tastes seeking waterside living, including vacant land, ready built homes as well as our future villa and apartment developments.

7. Accessibility

With Perth CBD only 54 minutes by train and with major roads and highways connecting all required amenities and facilities, The Retreat is ideally situated so that you can have it all within close proximity.

8. Perfect start

Is your morning routine a terrible rush? What if you had the waterside on your doorstep – how different would your start to the day be? You could sit in a picturesque nature setting with a fresh cup of coffee whilst you take in the stunning views. No longer would you be hitting the commute already feeling tense; you would start the day calm and collected, ready for whatever it may bring.


Allow us to show you the finest Mandurah Quay waterfront properties, as we know that one could very well become your next home. Speak with our helpful sales team on 0447 816 745. Then look forward to spending your time on the things you enjoy in life by making the most of the wonderful community and lifestyle on offer at The Retreat, Mandurah Quay.

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